Summer house in Gilet
Rent it for this beautiful summer!

Welcome to Summer house

You can rent this house for this summer in Spain. We try to open Spain to foreign people and with this house you have the opportunity to live it by your self. 

Price for renting 15 days all inclusive (minimal time)
10 p.p.p.n (4 people) or 20 p.p.p.n (2 people)
600€ per 15 days 
1200€ full month 
Fee of 350€

Verhuur periode vanaf 15 dagen all inclusive
20 p.p.p.n voor 2 personen
10 p.p.p.n voor 4 personen
Prijs voor 15 dagen 600,- euro
Borg 350,- euro
Prijs per maand 1200 euro

For more information, please call to 0681637610 (Nederlands number) or +34618947677 (Spanish number) 
We can attend you in Spanish and English

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